How to create funnel

When you drive traffic to your online business, you have to take things one-step at a time.

NO ONE is going to buy a high-ticket offer from you when they don’t know you or your brand.

They just won’t drop that much money on a complete stranger.

Instead, you have to start them off by making micro-commitments. In other words, you need to take a cold audience and make them warm—then make them HOT.

A hot audience will buy anything.

The cold audience is the complete stranger. There is absolutely no relationship between them and you. There is no trust.

These are the people you reach through advertising. These are the people you need to bring into your funnel. You will make it so easy and appealing to enter your funnel that they will do so willingly.

Then, as you move them through your funnel, they will make bigger and bigger commitments.

And they will end up becoming a loyal customer.

They will trust you. You will have established a relationship with them and provided value.

That’s really all people want. And through your funnel, you can make it happen.

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