How To Make Money With Free Traffic

If you wanted to start a business before the internet, you’d have to save up. Way up. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Real estate. Decorations. Products. Employees. And it’s still a HUGE risk.

On the web, though, there are nearly infinite ways to create a business out of paid traffic.

Today, we’re covering six ways to make money with organic traffic. And you’re going to want all the help you can get (Also, sign up for my free webinar to learn aboutthree additional free sources of traffic).

1) Start a Consulting Firm 

Become a consultant. Help businesses direct targeted traffic to their site and market their offerings. This is the number one way I feel that you can take organic traffic and make money from it.

2) Affiliate Lead Generation 

Businesses will pay you to generate traffic and leads for them. Create a site to drive leads for companies in the same industry. By following good SEO practices and organic lead generation techniques, you can sell leads to other businesses. It is a time investment. You first have to build credibility with Google. Also, it will take a few months before sales start to trickle in (we’ll cover affiliate sales in-depth later in the course).

On the next screen, you’ll set up your social media profiles. Click “Next,” and Quuu will help you determine additional categories for your niche. Continue clicking through. You’ll be prompted to choose the maximum number of reviews per day. I recommend ten. Click “Save” at the end. Now, Quuu will send pre-written articles to your social profiles.

Sell this service to your clients for $250-$300 each month. Since Buffer will cost about $10 per month, and Quuu will at most cost $30, you’ll reap $220 to $280 for each client, monthly.

Profit aside, there’s another key benefit to this approach. Since you’ll be posting to social media so frequently, you’ll likely up your own search engine results. Post consistently two-to-three times per day and Google will soon display a Twitter carousel pop-up under your name.

3) Cost Per Action (CPA) 

Some sites are in greater need of engagement than sales. Maybe they need newsletter signups, completed surveys, or registrations. Here, you’ll charge for each of the predefined actions that occur on your client’s site—so long as you brought in the converting visitor. You can find opportunities for cost-per-action marketing on sites like OfferVault.

4) Online Reputation Management 

Rogue reviewers, competitors leaving negative feedback, people posting rip-off reports. It’s all bad for business. Online reputation management corrects this. When companies are losing sales due to a poor perception, they’re willing to pay good money to fix it. Every business will need it one day. Even I teach online reputation management defense—how to build a digital fortress so bad reviews won’t penetrate your business.

5) Social Media Management 

Brands pay anywhere between $250 to $1,000per month to manage their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. It’s an easy way to make money. Later in today’s bootcamp video, I’ll show you how you can become a social media manager—for up to 10 websites— all for less than $30.

How to Start a Social Media Management Business

1) Sell Curated Social Media Services at a Premium 

For hand-curated social media content, visit Writers upload articles to Quuu, allowing you to pick content from your niche. Law. Business. Marketing. Anything! Connect Quuu to Buffer to automatically push these articles to your client’s social media. Sell this service with a premium markup.

2) Customize Each Social Media Profile

Once you’re in Quuu, hit the customize button.

This carousel sits on the right-hand side of Google search results. It helps you dominate search engines.

In this video, I showed you more than a few ways to make bank using organic search traffic. With a modest investment, you can sell your digital services right away.

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