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When you’re trying to get free organic traffic, search engines have enormous potential to get buyers to your site. But, it’s possible that search traffic won’t get the job done. Some keywords just aren’t popular enough. For those times, I turn to social media, where traffic is free and plentiful.

1) LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is one of the most important social media platforms. One of the best things that you can do is to build out your LinkedIn profile so that it looks like a landing page.

Make sure you have a title and business name.

I offer a free website audit on my LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way to pull in leads. I also have more than 500 recommendations, which is really powerful. On top of that, I’ve listed my article from Inc. and Forbes, naming me a top influencer to watch for in 2017. All this dramatically boosts my credibility.

Businesses who are considering hiring you can use LinkedIn to evaluate your credentials. In my full training, I offer a 10- to 12-hour training on LinkedIn Marketing, but today we’re going over my basic tips.

1a) Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Email List 

List-building is critical, and LinkedIn offers an amazing way to use your contacts to help build your email list. In LinkedIn, click “My Network” at the top and then click on “My Connections.” And then click on “Manage Synced and Imported Contacts.”

Then hit “Export Contacts.”

Next, click “Download.”

Linkedin is going to give you a full list of every single contact, including their name, email, company, and title. So if you didn’t already have an email list, you’ve got one now!

You can also write articles on LinkedIn and drive traffic back to your website. It’s not the most efficient way to drive traffic, but it’s a solid option, and it’s good to have a few articles posted anyway.

2) Facebook 

There are certain businesses that will have a hard time taking advantage free organic traffic. For example, a dog walker in Tampa Bay has a limited search volume when compared to a major city like New York. And of those more limited results, how many sales can you actually close?

It’s simply not enough to sustain a business. So, break out of the search engine and find other ways to drive traffic.

One of the best ways to do that on Facebook is to host a giveaway.

I don’t have time in this training to show you how to set up a giveaway, but I do go into it in greater detail in my advanced training. But, if you can give away a t-shirt or even an Xbox, you can capture many, many leads. People are going to share, and share, and share that giveaway. 

Instagram is another great place to pull in free traffic.

Instagram is a strictly visual platform that generally caters to a younger crowd. Usually, millennials can be found on Instagram because they love to share what is going on with their lives, and they love to know what’s going on in their friends’ lives.

The first Instagram hack is purchasing Instagram shoutouts. For example, I have 36,000 followers on Instagram. So when I post a picture of your business, and tell people to check it out, it drives my followers to your account, creating more followers for you.

There are many sites where you can buy shoutouts. One is BuySellShoutouts, where, for instance, you can reach part of Angelina Jolie’s 7.5+ million audience for $100.

Remember, influence drives traffic.

Another option is purchasing an Instagram account that already has lots of followers, like this one for luxury products:

Imagine that you bought this Instagram account and started selling your luxury items from it,and you purchased a shoutout from Angelina Jolie. You’d be getting some serious traffic from that! This is what we call social media stacking. You’re stacking multiple traffic-drivers together to get more traffic to your site.

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