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In the last video of the series, I take you through one of the most essential free hacks around. This way, you’ll be able to use popular news stories to draw traffic to your product.


To do so, you’ll need Sniply. It’s a tool that allows you to place a call-to-action over almost any website (about 90% of websites will allow Sniply to work). This means we’re able to hijack websites like the Washington Post, ESPN, CNN, USAToday, Mashable, CNN, and ESPN.

1) Find an article that you want to hijack. (1:10)
2) Take the URL of that article and put it into Sniply.

And when you go to that article via your new custom link, you have essentially hijacked it. Now, your overlay is on top of Fox News.

This is how I’ve been able to grow my Instagram account and sell products.

The link will take users straight to Instagram—where they can then follow you. This will explode your follower count. And there are different things you can do with Sniply. Check out how I’ve gotten over 32,000 clicks using this tool.

And there are even more call-to-action options:

Try It Out

Let’s do an example call-to-action. You can use the tool to edit the message and button text. Notice the live preview it gives you on the grayed-out sample website.

You can change the appearance, style, and color.

Let’s continue to explore how powerful this is. Let’s say that you want to grow your email list or sell physical products. We can use a button to get people to click and find out more about what you’re doing.

Sniply gives you additional credibility because you’re showing up on trusted websites. All we have to do is get the article with your Sniply embedded on it in front of people who want to click. People share tons of articles on Facebook. You should never again share an article unless it has your Sniply.

Take your Sniply link with YOUR embedded, custom content, and share it on Facebook. Once you’ve pasted the link and it has populated the post with the article content, erase the link and write your own text.

What we want to do is create a lot of traffic coming back to your website. Google Trends is a great place to look for interesting articles that you can share on Facebook.

Another way to ensure tons of clicks: Facebook groups. Now, I don’t get political, but political news generate tons of clicks. And I want to grow my business. So, I searched for “Trump hate” on Facebook, and got all these search results:

Next, I thought about what kinds of articles people in this group might click on. I found one, which I’m showing you below. And yes, this is clickbait.

If I Sniply this article, it gets overlaid with my own personal call-to-action. When I post it in a group like this, people are going to click that article like it’s a roach they’re trying to kill. You’re going to end up with tons of people clicking over, like we saw on my dashboard earlier where there were 32,000 clicks.

The more engaging the content, the more clicks you can earn. This tactic has worked successfully for me many times. I’ve been able to get e-commerce sales within hours. And it works on LinkedIn groups as well. Sniply starts out at about $20 per month. It’s a really affordable way to get tons of clicks!

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