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In this lesson, we’ll be talking about YouTube—the SEO secret most don’t know about. We’re going to give you enough to get started and generate traffic, but I go into even greater depth in my free webinar. You can also apply to work with me one-on-one for personalized training and guidance.

I love to bring guests on my courses, and today, I’m bringing an amazing guest! YouTube expert Joe. Here are Joe’s top three tips for getting free traffic from YouTube.

1) Upload Your Video as a Live Stream 

The first hack has to do with the way you upload your video. Head to your YouTube dashboard, click on “Creator Studio,” and check out live streaming. YouTube really likes it when people live stream. So much so, they give live streamers extra weight in search results.

On your dashboard, under live streaming, click “Events” and follow the prompt to create an event. On the next page, you’ll need an encoder, like Open Broadcasting Studio. The encoder allows the video to be uploaded as if it were live. This tricks YouTube into thinking that your video is a live video. YouTube will then stream it as live and give your video a ranking boost.

The more visibility you get, the more traffic you’ll get as well.
And, if you’re having trouble using the encoder, check out our further training (Joe created a push-button way that’s very beginner-proof).

2) Use Hashtags With Your Video 

YouTube and Google only want to rank quality videos. How do they determine quality, you ask? They’ll look at how many people watch it, and for how long.

They also want to see if your videos are shared on social media, so you’ll want to be active there.

One of the best ways to get social shares is to use hashtags. Hashtags will help you get views from people interested in your site’s subject matter. For example, if you use #weightloss in your YouTube video and someone searches #weightloss on Twitter, it will show up.

Here’s an example using #MoldInspectionEscondidoCA:

The hashtags really add to the shareability of your videos. For even more ways to get more views, sign up to train more closely with me. We talk all about setting up your video and we’ll give out more tips and tricks for getting the most possible views.

3) Embed Your Video on Other Websites (12:52)

Our third and final hack: embedding a video on another site. This is a great way to show Google that your video is important. First, get the embedded code from YouTube. Next, put that video on another site. YouTube and Google will analyze how many sites have your video and what kinds of sites host it. If a website of high authority puts your video on their site, that tells Google that your video is important.

Here’s an example of a video on YouTube (and you can see that the embedded code you’ll need to grab is highlighted here):

And here’s an example of that same video embedded on another site:

Every high-authority website that you post your video to acts as a signal to Google that your videos are authoritative. So, for example, when I first live-streamed this mold video, it was not ranking high in Google. All things the same, a video that’s embedded on a site that gets two plays is worth about 30 plays straight on YouTube.

3a) Embed on Relevant Websites

There are two other factors that can help your video rated higher. First, Google needs to see that the video you’ve embedded is relevant to the site. Because this video is on a real estate site, Google will give it more weight. And, because it’s embedded, relevant, and getting played, it rank even higher.

3b) Embed on Relevant Websites of High Authority 

The second and final factor to consider is the degree to which Google trusts the embedded site. If we put the video on a site that Google ranked 8 out of 100, and the site is about video games, it’s not going to rank as high. But we if we put this video on a real estate site that ranks 60, it gets a tremendous boost in search rankings. 

Don’t forget: the fate of your SEO is dependent on the quality and relevance of sites linking to yours. The more authoritative, the higher the ranking. And there’s a lot more that Joe and I can teach you. We have countless lessons on generating tons of traffic, and ranking highly in search engines, putting you ahead of your competition

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